Noise & Light Pollution

Although NorthPoint is not disclosing the full extent of the project at this time, there are several very worrisome factors involving light and noise.

The main appeal of this site is the access to rail, combined with the size of the site.  Rail traffic typically operates around-the-clock. Further, a 6,000,000 sq. ft. facility would by its nature require 24 hour operation with semi truck traffic at all hours.  Because the property is in a wetland area, sound travels very easily in our neighborhoods. Several of the local residents on 143rd Avenue complained of hearing loud truck noise generated from the site by the 2008 Department of Ecology clean-up vehicles. The noise came from no more than 2 or 3 small trucks at one time. The 4000+ vehicles visiting the site daily will by necessity, due to limited road capacity in the area, travel day and night. We can only guess as to the amount of noise that may be generated by this huge industrial site with thousands of semi trucks per day!

Further, 24 hour operation of a site this size would require massive overhead lighting which would light the skies for miles around disturbing area residents, park visitors, and disrupting the natural cycles of sensitive wildlife.


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